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January 14, 2014 Batteries, Cleantech, Energy Efficiency

Where these next-gen EVs are going, we don’t need plugs. Ford and Nissan push the limit at CES 2014, and could be part of a movement toward unfettered charging.

Recharging the Electric Vehicle Market
November 19, 2013 Batteries, Cleantech, Smart Grid

Exploring why the the fate of the electric car, from Tesla's Model S to the Nissan Leaf, hinges on consumers’ ability to plug in.

Solar Power International and the Rise of Women in Solar
November 4, 2013 Renewable Energy, Solar, Strategy

Amid the excitement of all-star panels and solar Quicktalks at this year's SPI conference, two events stood apart. Both focusing, for the first time, on a growing demographic in solar: women.

Rooftop Solar
October 17, 2013 Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Solar

How the fight between residential solar and utilities is shaping the future of household energy.

Connected world
October 8, 2013 Cleantech, Content Marketing, Social Media

Unexpected, yet powerful, social media tips for cleantech brands. Focusing for this blog on three emerging channels: Google+, Pinterest and Quora.

Hawaiian Energy
September 23, 2013 Renewable Energy, Smart Grid, Solar

How the island’s lush setting, and high energy costs, made HI a paradise for green energy startups.

Wave Energy
September 13, 2013 Cleantech, Renewable Energy, Water Treatment

How Australia’s revolutionary wave technology could simultaneously produce energy and fresh water with zero emissions.

Thriving in the Land of Giants
August 16, 2013 Creative, PR, Strategy

There's no doubt the mega agency merger that is Publicis Omnicom Group is a watershed moment. From client conflicts to the power struggles, this big news may be good business for the little guys...

City of Chicago Challenge
August 8, 2013 Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Waste Management

Chicago’s competitive spirit may be taking a hammering around the nation’s baseball diamonds but it’s being re-energized by the City of Chicago’s Green Office Challenge. Literally.

Energy and waste go together like clean and tech
April 22, 2013 Cleantech, Waste Management

According to New Scientist magazine, the US pulls the plug on that much energy every year. After paying good money to heat baths, dishwashers, sinks and washing machines, we flush all that hot...