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January 2012

The Wercs

When The Wercs developed a tool that made it easier for consumers to buy green, we were just the guys to help make it a success. Their chemical analysis software, GreenWERCS, allows retailers to rate a products’ environmental footprint at the point of sale. Conscientious shoppers can then use that information to guide their purchasing decision. To drive adoption, we designed an interface that was easy for retailers to use and heralded GreenWERCS’ arrival through a far-reaching PR campaign.

Dow Microbial Control

As Dow Microbial Control added increasingly sustainable biocides to their portfolio, they turned to us to help promote them. Designed to deliver powerful microbial protection in a more environmentally friendly way, the revolutionary new treatments cost more to produce, and to buy. The added cost of this LE (low emission) technology required thoughtful positioning and promotion.

Arcadia Biosciences

We’ve been with Arcadia since their germination—designing their logo, creating their brand identity, building their website and giving life to innovative e-marketing initiatives. As Arcadia’s pipeline of sustainable plant technologies has grown, we’ve worked alongside them to promote it with investors. And when they launched their first consumer product, we helped them take the leap into B2C marketing.