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Many of your traditional marketing efforts are getting about half of your audience directly to your website.

The other half are motivated to come find you, and they turn to their favorite search engine to make that happen. Don't let a poor search engine presence prevent visitors from reaching you (or worse, helping them reach your competition) when your company has spent time and money getting them interested.

A cohesive search engine marketing strategy is perhaps the most important marketing tactic available to a company after the brand and positioning have been locked down, and our agency excels on both sides of the search engine.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our proven optimization techniques, which include developing a keyword strategy document, auditing on and off page edits and intelligent monitoring, will drive your website to the top of search engines. Our team also has the technical background to determine what is preventing your content from being spidered and indexed, and we'll of course remind you all the good reasons to upgrade from that old IIS 6.0 server.

Our secret sauce is one part secret and one part common sense. We can share the latter with you. We take all of the known keyword phrases and score the opportunities based on frequency and difficulty. After knocking out the low hanging fruit (highly searched keywords with little competition), we move to the more challenging and lucrative keyword phrases. Our approach of planning out our attack before striking allows us to efficiently utilize our budgets.

We love providing recommendations. Get in touch with us if you're looking for an agency that can help develop content that both humans and search engines appreciate and has the technical chops to identify issues that you may not ever know are a problem.

Paid Search

Paid search, or pay per click (PPC), is the fastest way to drive traffic to your site in 95 characters or less. Through carefully crafted ad copy and continual optimization, your campaigns will target the right audience, increase your ROI; and feed intelligence for your search engine optimization work. The beauty of paid search is that we can run multiple ads to see which copy works best for your products or services.

Our team has certified Google professionals who can target any international flavor of Google or other search engines that allows ads including Bing, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Japan, Baidu and more.